About Us

Where Technique and Artistry Transcends

Aspari & Co is an investment company based in Switzerland. Specialising in the hyper-luxury sector, we cover the entire value chain, from the production to the marketing of ultra high-end products.

We operate by acquiring majority stakes in private companies in Switzerland and Europe.

Aspari & Co holds a portfolio of investments in companies committed to the highest standards of quality, elegance and, above all, exclusivity. Our journey began with the vision of creating a unique group that harmoniously brings together the worlds of watchmaking, jewellery and the refined pleasures of spirits and cigars.

With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for craftsmanship and fine art, we offer services that showcase the finest artisanal creations.

Our commitment to providing exceptional experiences goes beyond our products. We believe that true luxury lies in the personal attention we give to our valued customers and in limiting the number of products we produce each year.


Aspari & Co relies on the quality of its team and a line of conduct based on three fundamental values: creativity, boldness and perseverance.

These values are reflected in the constant questioning of established situations, the ongoing quest for excellence and the desire to support the organisation over the long term, whatever the circumstances.

The determination of its teams and the high regard in which they are held augur well for strong growth, leading them to form a robust group operating in the manufacture, logistics and marketing of luxury goods.


Aspari & Co invests in companies with a strong history and high growth potential, destined to become leaders in their sector.

We support these companies and their teams by helping them to differentiate themselves through innovation, anticipation and rapid action. By working closely with management, we encourage the adoption of advanced management practices and the integration of cutting-edge technologies to boost performance and competitiveness.

Aspari & Co favours majority stakes that give it decisive influence over corporate strategy. We firmly believe that the rise of the digital economy offers unique opportunities for transformation and growth. Our flexible approach and ability to provide financial, operational and strategic resources ensure that every company under our umbrella is well positioned to achieve its ambitious goals.


As a long-term shareholder, Aspari & Co ensures the conditions for the development of its holdings and the sustainability of their activities.

As an operational shareholder, Aspari & Co provides its subsidiaries with technical and strategic support and puts its professional network in Switzerland and around the world at their disposal.

As a responsible shareholder, Aspari & Co supports its subsidiaries’ commitment to implementing a sustainable development approach that respects humanist values.


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