Aspari & Co Holding


Merging craftsmanship with innovation

Creativity, boldness and perseverance

Aspari & Co Holding

We possess a diverse range of competences that enable us to excel in the realms of watchmaking, jewelry, wine, spirits, delicatessen and cigars.

About Us

Where Artistry Transcends

The Holding Aspari & Co is not just a investment company; it represents a commitment to the highest standards of quality, elegance, and exclusivity. Our journey began with a vision to create a unique group that seamlessly brings together the craftsmanship of watchmaking, jewelry, and the refined pleasures of cigars and spirits.

With a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for art work, we work on the finest creations from renowned artisans and distinguished brands. Each watch, jewelry piece, cigar, and spirit we offer has been carefully selected for his sophistication and to embody the epitome of ultr-luxury. 

Our dedication to providing exceptional experiences extends beyond our products. We believe that true luxury lies in the personalized attention, transparency about the production process and the impeccable service we offer to our valued clients.

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